Thermostat Settings in Huntsville, TX

Understanding the Functions of Thermostat Settings

A thermostat is built to manage the operation of your heating and cooling unit, and using it properl... Read More »

Home Cooling Solutions in Huntsville, Texas

4 Tips to Keep Your Home Cool Without AC

Suppose you are planning on going through part of the hot summer without an air conditioner. In that... Read More »

Candle in Huntsville, Texas

How Candles Affect Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is a concern for many Americans. According to the EPA, the air inside our homes c... Read More »

Boy cooling off with fan

Are Modern Air Conditioners More Energy Efficient?

Old faithful has been working to cool your Huntsville, TX, home for years, but lately, it isn’t doin... Read More »

What Are Indoor Air Quality Monitors?

Almost every home has at least one type of indoor air quality problem. Purchasing an indoor air qual... Read More »

Poor indoor air quality

Signs Of Poor Indoor Air Quality

When most of us think about air quality, we think about the pollution outside. However, indoor air q... Read More »

Does Having Indoor Plants Improve Air Quality?

If you’ve noticed more dust, funny odors or particles in your home lately, you may have an ind... Read More »

Can You Kill Viruses With an Air Purifier?

In a world that’s increasingly focused on avoiding illness, it only makes sense to take a look... Read More »

Pros and Cons of Gas and Electric Furnaces

One of the important decisions you make when getting a new furnace is whether to choose a gas or ele... Read More »

HVAC Troubleshooting Tips

3 Ways to Troubleshoot Your HVAC System There is nothing as frustrating as having your HVAC equipmen... Read More »

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