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Can I Recycle My Heating System?

Your home’s most important system is your indoor heating system. It keeps you warm during the winter when the freezing cold can become too much. However, there comes a point in your heating system’s lifespan when it becomes obsolete. Wear and tear over the years makes it unusable and you eventually replace the old system for a new one. This leaves you with an old heating system that yo... Read More »

Careers in the HVAC Industry

There’s a renewed focus in our society on learning trades from some quarters. Trades like becoming an HVAC technician may be easier to enter now that some states are proposing free tuition to two-year colleges where you can earn a technical degree. You don’t have to get a two-year degree to become an HVAC; you can start working on becoming a certified technician as soon as you graduate from high s... Read More »

How Candles Affect Indoor Air Quality

Are you a candle person? I don’t mean someone who enjoys the occasional candlelight dinner or birthday cake set festively ablaze. I mean a true candle enthusiast, who regularly burns candles for hours at a time. If you answered yes, you may want to consider the effects of candles on the quality of indoor air. Candles create atmosphere and can diffuse delicious, relaxing smells, but their imp... Read More »

Should I Use a Ceiling Fan While My AC is On?

The fall enthusiasts are already counting the days to their favorite season, but that doesn’t mean summer is over. There are plenty of hot days left in the year, and if you want to get through them in relative comfort, you need to broaden your arsenal. Perhaps the greatest weapon of all time is the ceiling fan, yet debates have raged for decades as to whether or not you should run the fan with you... Read More »

5 Common AC Issues

Air conditioning is a necessity in Huntsville and across North America. Life during summer can be quite unbearable if your air conditioning system develops a problem. Unfortunately, AC repairs can also be costly, so it is critical to ensure that your AC unit is always in top-shape all the time. It is also good to be aware of some of the most common problems that can arise with your air conditionin... Read More »

What Does Being NATE Certified Really Mean?

When choosing the best HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) contractor for your heating or air conditioning needs, it is important that they have reliable, qualified and nationally certified installers and service technicians on staff. If an HVAC technician or installer has NATE certification it means that they have met a national standard for competence in one or more aspects of the ... Read More »

5 Benefits of Routine AC Maintenance

Too frequently, we take the many comforts of home for granted. We often fail to pay much attention to the condition of the amenities and systems we depend on for shelter and comfort are in. Rather than, inspecting our home and appliances and maintaining them properly, we wait for something catastrophic to go wrong. Most of the time we get by alright and deal with emergencies as they come. But when... Read More »

How Can An Energy Efficient AC Unit Save You Money?

Conventional air conditioning systems have been effective but not as efficient as they are known to push electricity bills through the roof. Fortunately, technological advancements have led to the innovation of energy-efficient AC units that save significantly on energy costs. What is an energy efficient AC? An energy efficient AC system uses less energy to regulate the room’s temperature all year... Read More »

5 Benefits of AC Maintenance

If you are a resident of Huntsville TX, you must understand how vital a properly functioning air conditioner must be especially during summer. Some people fail to realize H much is required to ensure that it is kept in its proper condition. They tend to assume that as long as they are changing the air filters regularly, the AC is good to go. That is however not the case. It is crucial to have it i... Read More »

What are Benefits of a Geothermal System?

Most HVAC systems have an indoor furnace and an outside air condition unit as components. The furnace is used in the winter while the air condition unit is used in the summer. The popularity of this type of heating or air conditioning system has made homeowners comfortable with it. However, that’s not the only type of heating and cooling system available. Have you heard of a Geothermal syste... Read More »

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