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3 Ways to Clean Your Heating System

If you want to have a furnace that lasts for many years, then it’s time to start cleaning your heating system. With a little bit of cleaning, you can dramatically decrease the chances of a breakdown and improve the lifespan of your furnace. To help you get started, here are three key ways to cleaning out your furnace. 1. Filter Keeping a clean filter is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your ... Read More »

5 Ways to Save Energy this Fall

This fall and winter, you may want to think about the following ways that homeowners can save on their heating bills. A few of them are considered essential, and most are relatively affordable to carry out. Here are 5 ways to save energy this fall. 1. Programming the Thermostat Rather than keep the thermostat at a constant 70 degrees, you can turn it down to the mid-60s before you sleep or go out.... Read More »

How Your Roof Can Affect Your HVAC System

If you notice that your HVAC system isn’t working like it normally does, it could indicate that there is a problem with your roof. Here are a few ways that your roof could be making your home less comfortable or more expensive to heat and cool. Does Your Home Have Asphalt Shingles? Asphalt shingles are typically black or brown, which means that they do a good job of absorbing sunlight. This ... Read More »

What to Do When Your AC Won’t Turn On?

When the inside of your home experiences uncomfortably high temperatures, hitting the air conditioner’s “on” button makes sense. However, is there anything more frustrating than trying to power up the AC only to discover it won’t turn on? A sad fact of life involves learning machines don’t always work. Another lesson to learn is don’t panic. Follow a few smart t... Read More »

Replacing Your Air Conditioner Can Be the Best Option

Huntsville, Texas, is especially hot in the summer. That’s why every local home needs a well-functioning AC system. At Beckham & Jones Heating & Air Conditioning, we specialize in making sure that our customers stay comfortable throughout the cooling season. However, even the best air conditioner is not made to last forever. There are several reasons that might make you consider re... Read More »

When to Schedule Your AC Maintenance

If you’ve started noticing signs of spring in your garden or local park, hot weather will be following soon. New homeowners may not know the importance of an annual AC checkup. For folks who enjoy cold indoor air, a regular AC maintenance visit can ensure a breakdown is unlikely to happen. Trained and certified AC technicians know how to find hidden issues and damaged components inside your ... Read More »

Benefits of an AC Tune-Up

Experts recommend an AC tune-up once a year at a bare minimum, and many homeowners can benefit from seasonal maintenance. That means twice a year: once in spring before summer arrives and once in autumn before the winter months set in. Tune-ups are relatively inexpensive, and they can provide you with many benefits both in the short-term and over the long run. Lower Energy Bills Did you know that ... Read More »

What’s in an HVAC System?

What do you expect to find in the package when you buy an HVAC system? Depending on the kind of system you buy, there could be several components included. Usually, someone who buys a whole system will have some of the functions integrated, which means they may not have to buy too many items. Let’s look at the main items in an HVAC system. Furnaces for Heating The heating function of the HVA... Read More »

Does My Home Need a Humidifier in the Winter?

During the cold winter months, most people are focused on keeping their home warm through a quality heating system. Another factor that needs to be considered is whether enough moisture is in the air. If there is not enough moisture in the air in your home, it could cause some health side effects and even cause minor damage to your property. There are several signs to look out for that indicate th... Read More »

Can I Recycle My Heating System?

Your home’s most important system is your indoor heating system. It keeps you warm during the winter when the freezing cold can become too much. However, there comes a point in your heating system’s lifespan when it becomes obsolete. Wear and tear over the years makes it unusable and you eventually replace the old system for a new one. This leaves you with an old heating system that yo... Read More »

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