Getting HVAC Emergency Help

Texas summers and winters can get out-and-out crazy. Summers bring high heat and humidity levels that challenge any HVAC system. Beckham & Jones is a Top HVAC Air Conditioning Repair Contractor in Montgomery TX that has experience in both air conditioning installation and emergency HVAC repair services.

One problem that often plagues many homeowners is they are not sure what really is an air conditioner emergency. Many times they panic and spend money for emergency service calls when a regular, money saving, regularly scheduled appointment will do. Though we know that being uncomfortably warm and sticky in the middle of the night can be annoying, but it is not a sign that your HVAC system is in serious trouble.

Knowing What HVAC Emergencies Are

Obviously, when your health or that of a family member is in danger because of a faulty HVAC system, it is a reason that qualifies as an HVAC emergency. However, in the majority of cases you can look for warning signs that will tell you whether to pick up the phone and call for emergency repair service. Not making the emergency call will in most cases end up costing you more money even if the situation seems manageable. Here are some things to watch for.

  • situations where your HVAC unit can get more damaged without immediate repair
  • if higher indoor heat or humidity levels put other household equipment in danger, such as computer systems
  • when pets are present in the home and their health is endangered

The Signs of an HVAC Emergency

Making an emergency call even though there is no direct evidence that anyone or anything in the home will be affected right away is not a crime. In fact, you should trust your own judgment and be aware of what your “normal” home environment is like. Any changes to that state of normal should immediately get your attention. Some examples of this are:

  • unusual noises coming from the HVAC system
  • odors circulating throughout the house that cannot be explained
  • low air quality, often discovered by unusual health problems

Who To Call In An Emergency

Calling 911 for every household hangnail is not recommended, especially when it comes to your HVAC system. First responders are not trained or experienced to be able to repair your air conditioning system. But they are likely to tell you to call a professional service technician. It is then when you can do the best thing first – call Beckham & Jones.

In those times of emergency you need a reliable service company that can identify the problem and fix it quickly. You can be assured we are a Top HVAC and Air Conditioning Repair Contractor in Montgomery TX. We have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right the first time.