HVAC Component Essentials

Anyone who has spent a summer, or a late spring for that matter, in Texas knows the combination of heat and humidity can be more than uncomfortable, even for longtime residents. Beckham & Jones, the Top Rated HVAC Company in the area provides quality AC Repair for Madisonville TX residents and understands the importance of keeping cool in the Texas heat.

Regardless of what size HVAC system you have to keep your environment cool, generating cool air is often not enough to create a comfortable living environment. What you need is more to reach the goal of having an overall healthy living environment while maximizing the effect of the cool air created by your system.

Knowing How To Keep Dry and Cool

The combination of heat and humidity outside has the same effect on people when you are indoors. It makes a person’s body wear down. The reason is that your body has a lot of difficulty completely cooling down because perspiration cannot evaporate fast enough into the surrounding air. Blame the humidity for that one!

Now the cool air circulated by an HVAC system will cool the room down, but that air is often too dry and is chemically cooled down. There is no danger though. Some people may experience a dry cough or other respiratory problems not related to the use of air conditioning. Some have medical conditions that forces them to stay inside during the worst of summer days. They may feel ill because of the constant intake of artificially cooled and circulated air. We offer a few tips on how to help manage things.

  • every HVAC system should have a humidifier/dehumidifier unit attached
  • HVACs should not be running constantly throughout the day during the summer’s hottest days unless absolutely necessary
  • higher quality air filters can be useful in removing pollen from the air

The Big Picture on Air Quality

All of the accessories that are considered to be essentials are due to the need for increasing the quality of indoor air. Because every home and family is different in this regard, what may be essential for your home is not for another. Ask for assistance from a professional service technician who can come into your home and recommend what is best for your particular situation.

They will measure:

  • indoor humidity levels
  • the potential of decreasing air quality as a result of drafts in doors and windows
  • amount of circulating particulate matter, including dust and pollen

Act On The IAQ Results

A Top Rated HVAC Company such as Beckham & Jones acts in the best interest of its customers, and does more than simply provide AC Repair for Madisonville TX residents. Call us today and learn how we can improve the quality of your indoor air.